Sunset Shoot

Playtime again. :o)

Last weekend I met Carsten Stolze, a fellow photographer from Dessau. Carsten wanted to try a new workshop concept and offered a free course for those who leave a comment on his weblog.


We started shooting right away. Carsten shortly explained the light setup and introduced us to Kim, who would be the model for this evening. In this informal atmosphere it was very easy to take pictures. Kim changed her shoes and started posing. And Carsten held the flash light in the right angle and helped with adjusting the power settings. So basically all I needed to do was to meter for the background light and to press the camera trigger. How convenient it is to have a lighting assistant and a professional model!


Hence, it is not surprising that we all got great pictures. If you look on Felix’ and Maik’s weblog, we all ended up with similar results. The workshop concept worked well, I understood and practiced the technique of exposing background light with flash. And for the first time I shot a professional model.


Back home I tried to add some “creativity” to the pictures. I wanted to give them more of an editorial or fashion look and to depict the freezing temperatures during the late evening hours. I have to admit, Kim impressed me because she was always in a good mood, even though she was definitely wearing too little for these temperatures. I hope the next model shoot will be warmer. Thank you Carsten and Kim for teaching us!

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