The Challenges of a Fashion Show

Once or twice a year my cousin’s cousins invite for a fashion show. I was honored to be asked to take the photographs. At the same time however, I was not certain about what to expect. I had been to their fashion shows before, only this time it was my first fashion show through a lens.


Like before every shooting I did some research on the topic and figured out what kind of pictures they might want and how to achieve satisfying results. The pictures from fashion magazines popping up in my mind had quite a simplistic approach. A model was walking along the catwalk and the photographer just needs to snap the picture. Well, surprise, surprise: that’s easier said than done.


The environment of a fashion show is everything else but photographer friendly. The subjects are moving, lighting is bad and the spectators around limit the photographer’s mobility. Technically speaking, one would need short shutter speeds, closed down aperture and prefer zoom lenses over fixed focal lengths. I have to admit that I was also afraid of mixed lighting colors through the spot lights. So just to make sure, I also brought a flash with remote triggers and a light stand, which turned out to be essential. Thus I could slightly overpower the colorful spot lights and brighten the models face and clothes.


At the end of the day night I knew I had my shots, although I was still anxious about having captured awkward leg and feet positions (always avoid showing shoe soles!). But after screening the pictures at home, I could sleep well. :o) It's a pity this fashion show was over so soon. I am already looking forward to the next one and thank Henriette and Friederike for having invited me.



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