Something Old - Something New

This summer turned out to be a busy one. Well, actually this is something really good! However, I have to admit that while being busy with taking and editing pictures I neglected writing my blog for a while. I got involved in a number of projects and forged a couple of new ideas. Well, before you ask... in the next days I hope to update my website with some new projects and how to get involved.


One of the assignments during the last months was to make some fashion-like portraits. In the light of 50 years Franco-German friendship, a group of school students wanted to show how fashion has changed over the years. The teenagers came up with ideas for their outfits and I coordinated and organized the photo shoots. I was astonished what kind of clothes and accessories they brought to represent different kinds of fashion trends. The girls borrowed clothes from their parents and friends and we discussed the colors and “feel” of the image. The biggest difficulty, however, was to find a time when my models would be available. Today’s school students are so occupied! ;o)


After several meetings we finally had our pictures. Below is just a small appetizer (I hope being able to display more of them here soon). Only for this photo model Eli took out that old, torn shirt and pantyhose out of her wardrobe and painted her fingernails to match the color of her boots. Working with models who pay so much attention to details and show a great amount of enthusiasm is always a lot of fun. And not only that! I also learnt a lot about fashion styles and how to dress myself better... HEHE! :D

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