Merry Christmas!

Dear friends,


I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Spend a few happy days in the circle of your loved ones and gather strength for the new year.


In 2013 a lot happened to me, which would not have been possible without you: The year began with the launch of my website (, with a dedicated logo and design. Over the year I accompanied various projects at home and abroad. I traveled to Berlin, Bonn, Brussels, Armenia, Portugal and Cyprus. A great success was "Mode Rétro", a fashion photography project with high school students from Halle. The images could be seen lately in the Thalia Theater Halle (further exhibitions planned).


I thank you all for your support and encouragement to keep going! In the coming year I will continue with documentary, portraits, wedding shoots and workshops. I am also planning a new project dealing with the migration of young women.


But before all this will happen, I still need to bake some cookies and wrap some gifts...


Merry Christmas and best wishes to every one of you!

Yours, Gerolf

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