Playing Hair (Paula, 2014)

For a second time I was allowed to take pictures of Paula. I met Paula one year ago for shooting the Mode Rétro project. Already back then we came along pretty well and could work together very creatively. So of course, I was thinking about her immediately when planning a test shooting. 


The idea was to create some portraits using just natural light. However, it was not so easy to find the right spot to do so. I wanted to have some structure in the background, maybe an old and battered location, yet at the same time not too dirty. So I was doing some research on places in my city. There are a lot of uninhabited old houses which would have provided the perfect scenery for my ideas. However as I found out, most of these places were either (seriously) locked and it was impossible to enter. Or the old places I had in mind were recently reconstructed.


I needed a different approach. And I started to think about accessible places which are not populated anymore. So I discovered this messy attic with this wonderfully structured wall in – where I would have never expected it – my sister’s house. A basement would have been an option too. However, it didn’t have as much light as the attic did. The only problem for us was the mess in front of the wall. But so what… Paula even helped me to clean it up. And so we had found our ideal background.


The rest was done quite easy. After some shots we came up with the idea of playing with Paula’s hair. I asked her for some movements and we both had lots of fun playing around. Here are some of the results.


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