"Hoa Mai" - A Beautiful Beginning

Girl with flowers in her hair.
Hoa Mai - The tree of flowers.

Well, 2016 started beautiful!


My good friend Phuong Mai approached me during Christmas time. She needed some help completing homework for her school, the Fashion Design Institute in Düsseldorf. The task was to create a picture with a self-staging. And Mai came up with the idea of presenting herself as a typical Vietnamese tree, a “Hoa Mai” which sounds similar to her given name. We still had some time until the shooting, so we started preparing, exchanging ideas and pictures.


In the end we came up with a beauty shot with flowery hair decoration. Finding the right decoration was actually a challenge since all the deco shops were not prepared for spring yet and still sold Christmas things. Then finally last weekend I packed up my mobile studio equipment and we met her at her place…


Hoa Mai - Self-Staging
Hoa Mai - Self-Staging

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