EUD Bürgerdialoge "Und jetzt, Europa? Wir müssen reden!"

Händelhaus. Halle, August 2018

Freistil Jugendengagementwettbewerb

Moritzhof. Magdeburg, Juni 2018

Between Migration and Remigration

Romanian Culture Institute. Berlin, April 2018

"Seldom Sober Company" - in Concert

Konzerthalle Ulrichskirche. Halle, Dezember 2017.

Make Your Life with Music

Youth Exchange on Music in Lithuania. Aukštadvaris, December 2016

Make it Visual!

Training Course in Slovenia by Erasmus+. Ljubljana, November 2016

Revisiting Brussels

Study visit to the "Capital of the EU" by Europa geht weiter. Brussels, September 2015

Workshop: Youward Badges

Presentation on the usage and creation of learning badges by Youward. Schierke, Juli & August 2015

"Supernazis" - Performance TheateR 

Performance theater by Showcase Beat Le Mot. Halle, June 2015

"Echo o o O . . ." - Ghost Train Through Halle

Public art performance in a Halle tram by Showcase Beat Le Mot. Halle, November 2014

Young Europe - Discovering Democracy by train

Youth Project with partners from all 28 EU member states by GOEUROPE.lkj) Sachsen-Anhalt. Berlin, Vienna & Prague, Sep - Oct 2014