A Meetup with Kiko & Son de Flor

Have you ever heard about an app called “meetup”? Well to be honest, I haven’t before I moved (closer) to Berlin. And probably it doesn’t work in so many other German cities. But once installed, and fed with interests an invitation popped up for a meetup on sustainable fashion. Basically everyone could join who is interested in the topic. So I clicked on “going”.


And yet it was still much time till then. Almost impatiently I wrote to Kiko, the organizer, weeks before the event was scheduled. She came to Berlin for fashion week and works worldwide as model for ethical fashion brands. She had some experience with organizing meetups in Paris were she currently lives. I wanted to meet and photograph her, and in a way support the idea of ethical fashion. 


In the meantime fashion week started. I was curious to find out about all the brands which fight for a more environment-friendly production and consumption of clothing. Unfortunately Kiko and I missed each other that day. Instead I stopped by a brand called “Son de Flor” and spoke to Vaida, the designer. I was amazed by the photographs in their brochures. - And also their linen dresses of course. Haha, but as photographer the pictures caught my eye first. And as it turned out these nice girls are from Lithuania! A country I visited often during in the last years and took pictures for my home project (also see here).


Well, things always seem to happen when you least expect them. Kiko had previously received a beautiful white dress from Son de Flor, Vaida told me. So the topic of the shooting was set: A linen dress from a Lithuanian brand, worn by a Japanese girl from Paris, somewhere in Berlin. And of course, given the natural approach of the brand, we wanted to photograph in nature. 


Eventually Kiko and I did not meet before the day of the meetup. Two hours before I scouted a picturesque wildly grown meadow and we hit the streets of Berlin. - Doesn’t look like it? I know! 

Frontyard Flower

In the Fields