"Home is where your heart is" (2014- )

Questioning one’s origin and challenging one’s goals probably belongs to the process of becoming an adult. Then, oftentimes we leave our homes, search for new homes or sometimes also return to those places we left.


Back in 2014 I had experienced “home” already under these aspects. I had moved out from my parents, found an apartment in another city, and also found a second home abroad. But whenever someone asked me what home is, I found it hard to explain. For me home was more like a loose collection of places and memories. And I caught myself giving different answers to different persons in different situations. Thinking about it more, I started to wonder what makes a home for me. And at the end of a brainstorming I concluded that "home" is never as undecided as during growing up. For myself I had found more questions than I had found answers.


But those questions worked on my mind. And that day when I met Anja who kindly let me visit her place and photograph her, it became clearer to me: I wanted to write down the stories of our generation, visit people in their homes, listen to their thoughts and reward them with pictures of coziness and intimacy.

Thus, the project "Home is where your heart is" was born. 



Ria Potsdam

Cora Berlin

Alexia Paris

Tara Berlin